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August 29, 2020

9 AM to 2 PM


Caregiving is Difficult

Let Us Arm You with Tools to Make it Easier

Your role as a caregiver is many things: painful, confusing, full of red tape, and isolating while at the same time knowing your sacrifice is one of the greatest outpourings of love. Caregiving is an unconventional journey because no two people walk the same path. From sorting through business that has to be handled to processing your own emotions, the journey is intense.


That’s why we’re presenting Empowering the Caregiver: A Lifeline of Resources and Information. At the conference you’ll have access to information on:

  • Estate Planning

  • The Potential Anxieties, Depression and Isolation of the Caregiver

  • Hope for the Caregiver

  • A live Q&A session with a team of experts


Take a step to becoming a more confident caregiver. Register for this free conference.

Find ways to relieve stress and increase your happiness

Registration is open


Free Registration is now open!


The Empowering the Caregiver Conference is online this year with four powerful presentations to arm you with information and tips to help you succeed in your caregiving journey. Speakers include: 

Attorney Charioty James talking about the legal documents you need to provide proper care for your loved one

Pastor and Psychologist Frank Mazzapica talking about how the caregiver role affects people from a psychological perspective


Lisa Young Milliken talking about caregiver self-care: why it's important and how you can do it

A live Q&A panel featuring all three of our main speakers plus Rudy De Los Santos answering questions about Medicare; Ryan Peters answering questions about long term care insurance; and caregiver and author Leah Stanley answering questions about working with difficult family members


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